The Darkness vs. The Light

The Darkness vs. The Light

 We lived for a year in Indiana. While I met many new friends and had some fun experiences with my family, I hated it. Most specifically, I hated the winter. I hated scraping my car windows. I hated the ice that I fell on. I hated my chapped lips. Yet, what I hated the most was the darkness. It seemed the whole long winter I never saw the sun. Grey clouds hung around for months and I wondered if summer would ever come.  

It is easy for me to get stuck in darkness. I hop on the negative thought train and I let it carry me away. My depression and anxiety can engulf me. Sometimes I wonder when I’ll ever see any light. When will I stop obsessing with negativity? When will I stop living in self loathing? When will I stop living in darkness?  

What I love most about the Lord is that there is no darkness in him. He is all light (I John 1:5). He calls me into his light. He calls me close, out of the darkness. As the Bible states in 2 Samuel 22:29, the Lord turns my darkness into light. When I come close to the Lord, I find he has been waiting. He is ready to lead me just like he led the Israelites in the desert (Exodus 13:20-22), never letting me wander in darkness.  

It is 7 am and the sun still has not risen. It is raining and it is hard to believe that the winter will end. However, winter will end. Summer will come. We won’t be left in the dark. 

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