Marital Bliss and Essential Oils 

Marital Bliss and Essential Oils 

Everyone knows that opposites attract. Everyone who has been married for any length of time, also knows that opposites annoy. It is amazing to me how you can love someone so much but be so annoyed with them at the same time. Fifteen years ago, I had no idea that I would ever be annoyed by my sweet, caring guy. He had the cutest snore, he said the cutest things, he was cute. Enter two kids twenty months apart, a demanding job, my family, his family, money differences, personality differences, and a move across the country. The cuteness wears a little thin, which brings me to what happened a few weeks ago.  

I woke up and rolled over in bed, only to find the other part of our bed cold and empty. My mind began to race. Did he leave me? Was he in someone else’s arms right now? Before I could get too worked up, he entered from the living room.

“Where were you?” I ask accusingly.

“Well, you were…snoring…I couldn’t go to sleep…”

I was so embarrassed. It seems that not only had his cuteness worn thin, but so had mine. Fortunately, we discovered a tool that has helped our marriage immensely: Doterra’s Breathe essential oil. When we apply breathe before bed and/or diffuse it in the air, we usually wake up well rested and jealousy free. Marriage is hard enough without adding in snoring.

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