Life Requirement

Life Requirement

 During summers as a young teen, I unloaded books from a semi truck for no pay. It was a normal day for the daughter of a pastor. Growing up as a PK (pastor’s kid) involved sorting Christmas toys, delivering toys, and other activities that I usually grumbled about doing. For me, community service wasn’t a high school requirement, it was a life requirement. As a grouchy teen, I didn’t appreciate what my parents were doing. Now, my perspective has totally changed.  

Community service has given me an education in what living in a community means. Being in a community means we are all on the same team. Our kids all like to play. We all desire the best for our children. We all live in a world where promotions and lay offs are quite common. A natural disaster or family illness may take everything away from us. A raise may give us more than we ever dreamed. Today, I might have the resources to help others. Tomorrow, I might need those resources from others. Even though life hands us different things, we are all in a community together. Community service brings us out of our lives into the lives of others. We see how others live. We see how others struggle. We see how we all have so much in common. We see how we can help others around us and how they can help us. 

We were blessed this summer to volunteer at Lake Cares Food Pantry in Mt. Dora. My boys and I packed and distributed food for the food pantry’s summer Kid’s Pack program. I was proud of my boys as they willingly helped others and as they learned what living in a community means. For me, community service isn’t a requirement they must fulfill in high school. For me, community service is a requirement for life. 

For more information about Lake Care Food Pantry visit them online:  

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