Summer Surprises

Summer Surprises

My children have been blessed to participate in many different activities and sports. However, this summer my boys had the opportunity to try an activity that I never thought they would attempt or even enjoy. I had heard about this activity from numerous venues. I had seen their booths and fliers. Yet, I knew that my boys, who hate roller coasters and heights, would never sink to the depths of this activity. It wasn’t until I watched the organization’s Vimeo video that I began to consider enrolling my kids in Scuba Camp.  

The Scuba Gym’s mission is to bring Scuba to a family level. Their passion is showing special needs kids and adults that Scuba is for them. Without the pull of gravity, Scuba therapy allows individuals to experience movement they may not be able to access on land. The weightless environment provides an opportunity to strengthen the parts of one’s body that may be weak, bringing the body back to a sense of wholeness. Scuba therapy provides the same benefits as costly hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Scuba Gym offers summer camps and weekly therapy geared toward those with special needs. After watching the success stories of individuals on the video, I was excited to see how my boys would benefit from Scuba Gym.  

Both of my boys were hesitant to try Scuba Gym’s summer camp in Clermont, FL. Once they were introduced to the caring and friendly staff, they were okay with me leaving them for the day. When I came to pick the boys up, I was shocked. They loved Scuba and did not want to leave. After a week of Scuba camp, I was surprised to see how much my boys achieved. Scuba really helped their confidence in the water and out of the water. They can’t wait for another opportunity to go back.  

To learn more about the Scuba Gym, visit them online:

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  1. I love, love, love this!!! How about a granny and pa version of this … BTW, pa took scuba lessons at the YMCA in Port Huron, MI before Matt was born! That’s a while ago!

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