History Of Flight 

History Of Flight 

To finish up our unit on the Wright Brothers and flight, I purchased the History of Flight kit from Be Amazing Toys and sold at christianbook.com. Included in the kit are four airplanes that changed history and directions on how to build and fly the planes. Designed for ages 8 and up, the kit cost $24.99 at christianbook.com

The first plane we constructed was the Wright Brothers plane. The plane was easy to construct. In fact, I gave the plane parts and instructions to my son and left the room for a few minutes. When I came back to help him, he had already completed the plane.

The second plane was the space shuttle, which was super easy as it was only two pieces that fit together. The space shuttle flew quite well.

Our favorite plane was the Blue Angels F/A-18 Hornet. It also was easy to build, even though my boys didn’t want to go through the trouble of applying all the stickers. The Blue Angels plane included a sling shot that made it the best flying plane of all. 

The fourth plane, the Spirit of St. Louis was the most challenging. Even though it was still easy to build, it took us a bit longer than the other planes. The Spirit of St. Louis didn’t fly very well, but the front propellor was a big hit. My only complaint was that the included adhesives didn’t seem to work very well. We had to take them off and use scotch tape. 

Overall, I was pleased with the History of Flight kit from Be Amazing Toys. I was disappointed that no background information was included about the planes. Since the product description on christianbook.com states, “learn the history of planes,” I assumed that some background information would be provided. A supplemental booklet about the history of the planes would make a nice addition to a fun, historical toy. To purchase or learn more visit christianbook.com.

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