Free visit to Disney World?

Free visit to Disney World?

When we moved to Central Florida six years ago, our family was excited to explore the tourist hot spots. However, moving expenses and the cost of tourist traps put a damper on our plans. Our solution was Disney World. While Disney World may not seem like an economical outing, our family turned Disney into an almost free excursion. The secret? Disney Springs!  

Since our boys were young and inexperienced Floridians, they never realized that their visit to “Disney World,” was actually a visit to Disney Springs (Downtown Disney at the time). The shopping and entertainment venue provided our family with an economical taste of Disney. Our boys loved the rides (train and carousel), the characters (posing with statues of their favorites) and the food (free chocolate samples at the Ghirardelli shop). My husband and I loved the free parking and the joy on our sons’ faces as we enjoyed some much needed family time.  

As our boys have grown, they now realize that Disney World is much more than Disney Springs and that all those items in the shops are for sale. Even though our boys enjoy the amusement parks, they also enjoy the magic of Disney Springs.

 Just as our boys have grown so has Disney Springs. The renamed attraction still boasts free parking and some of our favorite stores like Once Upon a Toy, The World of Disney, and the Lego Store. Our family also enjoys many of the new stores and restaurants such as the Coca-Cola store, the Star Wars Trading Post and the new and improved Planet Hollywood Observatory. Throughout the year, guests can also enjoy complementary entertainment and events at Disney Springs. Our favorite entertainment option is the Christmas drone show. With all the shopping, dining, and entertainment options, Disney Springs has something for every age and budget. Even with lunch at a restaurant like the House of Blues, Disney Springs is still a fraction of the cost of the theme parks. So when family comes to town, Disney Springs offers an economical and enjoyable outing for everyone.

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