Encouraging Moms 

Encouraging Moms 

Babies are a joy. Now that my two boys are beginning the journey into adolescence, I miss the tiny toes and fingers of their infancy. I miss the baby giggles and the sweet smell of their heads. Now my boys smell and have attitudes. However, I know that all stages of parenting have their struggles and joys. The joy of parenting older kids is the independence. Because even though babies are a joy, they can not do anything for themselves, which translates to a lot of work for new moms.  

When my boys, who are twenty months apart, were babies, our carpet was a huge mass of stains from diaper leaks and throw-up. Our bathroom always smelled like pee, no matter what I did. And the diaper pail was toxic! For a span of three or four years, I didn’t sleep.

Now that my boys are fully potty trained and can run for the toilet when they feel sick, I can still spot those new moms, even if they don’t have a baby with them. They wander listlessly around Wal-Mart, glad for a break but wondering if anyone would notice if they fell asleep in the snack bar. I miss the sweetness of those early days, but I don’t miss the haze that I wandered around in.

I recently stumbled across a blog (http://happyhomefairy.com/midnight-messages-for-new-mommies-free-printable/) with the wonderful idea of blessing a new mom with diapers that have funny or encouraging messages on them such as:

“Phew! That was a marathon poop session!”

“3 AM, party in my crib.”

“Raising kids is part joy, part guerrilla warfare.” -Ed Asner

The blog writer’s goal is to encourage new moms while she’s changing those midnight diapers that are usually “less than fun.” I love this idea of encouraging new mamas, as I’ve walked in those tired slippers before. I also loved the idea that I can do this with my young teens to teach them to think about others. So after I read the blog, I used the link to print the encouraging and witty tags out, my boys and I attached them to the diaper with Star Wars tape (the blog recommends cute wasabi tape, but Star Wars is as cute as it gets in my house). The boys had a fun time, even though they were adamant I didn’t post pictures of them with diapers. Encouraging moms and helping older kids to think beyond themselves, the idea is definitely a win-win. To view the original idea for yourself and to see her cute photos check out: http://happyhomefairy.com/midnight-messages-for-new-mommies-free-printable/

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