Depression Era History Movies 

Depression Era History Movies 

When our family is dragging and no one wants to do school, it is awesome to be able to pop in a movie and know that they are still learning. Here are our top four for learning about the depression era: 1. It’s a Wonderful Life – The popular story of George Bailey is a favorite of mine. Even though my kids were annoyed that our movie wasn’t in color, they couldn’t help but root for Bailey. This timeless classic not only reinforces historical lessons but also moral ones as well. Even if we feel that our lives are worthless, our lives are important. Actions that may seem unimportant can impact others in ways that we may be unaware of.

2. Dust Bowl Documentary by Ken Burns – I learned a lot from this four part miniseries. The four hour documentary explores the cause of the Dust Bowl and the impact of the worst man made ecological disaster in American history. After the powerful images and real life accounts, viewers won’t forget the Dust Bowl anytime soon. 

3. Journey of Natty Gann – Life was hard during the depression. This family friendly Disney movie, depicts just how hard as Natty travels across the country to find her father. Set during the early days of the depression, the young girl leaves Chicago to find her father who is working in the Pacific Northwest. 

4. Annie – “It’s a hard knock life!” Annie sums up her life and the depression in her unforgettable song. This classic film, which chronicles the story of the lovable red haired orphan, Annie, is another classic film to watch or watch again. 

We are fortunate to have so many resources to help ourselves and our children learn about history. What are some of your favorites? 

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