Chain Breaker 

Chain Breaker 

On Sunday, my husband was called into work at the last minute. My kids were complaining and fighting. I was tired and worn out already and it wasn’t even noon. As usual, we stumbled into church late. The words of the Zach William’s praise song caught my attention: 

“If you’ve been walking the same old road for miles and miles, 

If you’ve been hearing the same old voice tell the same old lies, 

If you’re trying to fill the same old holes inside,”

That is me. Every since I can remember I have struggled with depression and anxiety. The enemy has bombarded me with lies and I believe them. I have been guilty of filling the God sized hole in my heart with everything except the Lord. 

“There’s a better life

There’s a better life” 

I know the better life. God has healed me from past hurts. Over the years he has broken some of my chains. I know what it is to walk with the Lord and feel his presence. However, I still struggle. The enemy’s voice still whispers in my ear. Thankfully, the voice of truth is louder. 

“If you’ve got pain 

He’s a pain taker

If you feel lost

He’s a way maker

If you need freedom or saving

He’s a prison shaking savior

If you’ve got chains

He’s a chain breaker” 

God has broken my chains. He has made a way for me. Yet, life is hard. I still struggle with depression and anxiety. I struggle with the fact that God could take it away, but he doesn’t. In the midst of these struggles, I need to cling to God’s promises. Before being beheaded Paul wrote the inspired words, “The Lord will rescue me from every evil attack and will bring me safely to his heavenly home… (2 Timothy 4:18)” In Revelation 21:4, the Lord tells us, “He will wipe away every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.” One day, my depression and anxiety will be taken away. Until then, I will remember the chains that the Lord has broken in my life. I will walk with him and enjoy the peace and joy that comes from His presence. I will cling to the truths in His Word. I will pray that everyone with similar struggles will find the one who is a chain breaker. I will eagerly await the day when there will no more chains. 

“We’ve all searched for the light of day in the dead of night

We’ve all found ourselves worn out from the same old fight 

We’ve all run to things we know just ain’t right

And there’s a better life

There’s a better life” 

To watch the chain breaker video by Zach Williams:

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