Camp Meeting Retreat

Camp Meeting Retreat

 When my husband first mentioned “Family Camp,” I thought he must have been mistaken. To me, camp was a place where kids go and parents rest from kids. It was a definition of camp that I liked.  

When my mother-in-law suggested our family attend camp meeting, I was unsure. I liked my old idea of camp. I wanted to be able to ship my kids off and enjoy some solo time at the pool. However my kids started begging to go and family time with my wonderful in laws is always fun; so, I caved. We packed our sleeping bags and insect repellent for a long weekend at Indian Springs Camp meeting in Flovilla, GA.

I expected to have a good time with my family, but to be honest I didn’t expect much else. Thankfully, the time at camp meeting exceeded my expectations. I watched my oldest son have a blast in the Middle School program. My younger son loved playing with his cousin and attending the kids program. They both enjoyed the snack time and time with their aunt and grandparents. When my kids were at their age appropriate programs, I received so many blessings from the speakers in the main tabernacle. I was reminded when I first felt the Holy Spirit at a Christian Camp. I was reminded when I became a Christian at camp, years later. I was reminded when I felt the call to teach the following year at the same camp. I was reminded of the Lord’s power and love. I was reminded of why I followed the Lord for the first time and why I keep following him.  

My boys are already planning a return trip to Camp meeting and so am I. After all, camp can mean family members go in different directions or it can mean family members go in the same direction. 

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